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Hello everyone! Spoilers ahead, so be warned…

As I’m sure everyone under the sun knows, ACOWAR came out a week ago. I, like thousands of other fans, preordered it and devoured the entire thing in about a day. And I had complicated feelings about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked it. Sarah J Maas is a fantastic writer and she has created another fantastic book. But there are a few bits in there that didn’t quite do it for me.

Similar to ACOTAR, the beginning was a little slow. Being back in Tamlin’s court made me hate everything (freakin Tamlin grrrrr) but there were a few good Lucien moments in there. Unfortunately, I mostly wanted the first 100 pages or so to be over so we could get back to the characters we cared about. Finally, when Feyre went all badass on the incest twins (take that sisterf**ker) and escaped back to the night court with Lucien we got to reunite with all the people we love.

Now, the middle is the part that I really liked. Nesta ended up being the true MVP of this book. I mean GOD.DAMN. She is the prime example of don’t mess with women because they are some truly badass creatures. Watching her develop throughout the book, seeing her romance develop with Cassian, and getting to see her and Amren bonding were arguably my favorite parts of the book.  Also, the conversation between Feyre and Mor about Mor’s sexuality made me very happy because it’s so nice to get representation in books.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Feyre. Although all of the secondary characters had awesome development in this book, Feyre and Rhys were a bit static. It seemed like all of their development happened in the second book and then it just didn’t go anywhere new in this book.

As for the ending battle scene, it had some epic moments and some that were a bit too heavy-handed. When Elain stabs the general I literally yelled. I was like “YES GIRL DON’T ET ANYONE MESS WITH YOUR SISTERS!” Her and Nesta working together to kill the general was just great. The whole thing with their dad arriving was a pretty cool thing for the girls, but it felt a bit too deus ex machina. All of a sudden, right when they’re about to lose, their dad that they haven’t seen in months shows up with an army? It’s just a bit too perfect. And then when they’re about to lose again Amren goes out and kicks ass, and sacrifices herself, but then she gets to live and remember everything? And Rhys sacrifices himself to save the world from collapsing and then he gets saved the same way Feyre did? It just ends up feeling like a whole lot of close calls all at once. And it loses a bit of the gravity because nobody ends up dying or getting seriously injured. It’s just too perfect and safe.

Overall, I think ACOWAR was good, but it didn’t really feel like the big finally I was hoping it would be. Nothing was sacrificed, and everyone ended up happily drinking liquor, none the worse for wear even though the world just almost ended. I will definitely be reading the spinoffs however because I do love this series and all of the characters.

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