The Foxe and the Hound

Hello all my lovely readers! Today I am hosting a blog tour for the new romantic comedy book “The Foxe and the Hound”. This is a great romantic summer read. Great romance, funny commentary, what’s not to love? So without further ado, here is a short excerpt from “The Foxe and the Hound”.

“Adam, c’mon. You said you wanted to do the right thing, remember? Go home—that’s the right thing.”
He smirks and steps closer. We’re hip to hip when he bends down and brushes his lips against my ear. “You haven’t been listening.”
I shiver and then insist, “I have.”

“I don’t want to do the right thing anymore.”
Wow, you have to admit, you want to read more now. I mean who wouldn’t? You can get is for FREE with kindle unlimited (and let’s be real we all buy too many books anyway). It’s available here on amazon!

As always, thanks so much for reading my post! I appreciate each and every one of you. Until next time, happy reading!

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