Intro to new host!

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to co-host this blog with another one of my friends who is also a writer, and also loves vegan baking 🙂 She’s pretty awesome, but I’ll let her introduce herself.

Greetings, to the book blog reading world!
I’m Mhairi Cameron, and I like getting the niceties out of the way. So here’s my introduction: I’m sixteen and I like Joseph Conrad, being your future president, and veganism. I like these things for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because I am pretentious.
Additionally, I like writing poetry-I am mostly inspired my T.S Eliot and Tennyson.  My first book of poems, “Sicilo,” was published in November, and my first novel is almost in editing.  I look forward to writing poetry reviews for you. My other area of expertise is victorian literature, mainly Dickens, Conrad, and Kipling.  It is hard to write those reviews, though, because those books have been out for a long time.
I’m a professional-so glad I can say that now-actress. I also songwriter indie music about the same boy over and over again.  
Morgan is my best friend, and she has written one more book than I have, which is to say one.  I live next to her grandmother on a beautiful farm.  


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