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Button Poetry review

Good mor/evening blognerds!

It is I, Mhairi of the clan Cameron (Sorry I am really bad at introducing these things).

Today I am going to indulge myself by talking about the savior of my high school writing career: Button Poetry. (

They have published any of the gone-viral poetry you might have seen on Facebook. Or, you might have seen Sarah Kay’s TED talk on bringing spoken word poetry to children. Check her out here:

The reason why Button Poetry is such a revolutionary resource is the enormous size of their archive. Their poetry spans years back, covering topics like feminism to gun violence to good music to the government.

Like any decent spoken word company in the modern day it has its fair share of liberal oriented activism. If that’s your cup of tea you might prefer poems like
Even if that more indignant strain of spoken word is not something you have enjoyed in the past, it is worth checking out. There are so many voices who tackle LGBTQ+ topics with a range of colors.
I’m not even going to harp on about their incredible selection of detail, humor, or lyrical pacing. I could go on forever about it, and I’d rather get on to the other amazing poets.

Some poets tackle heavier topics, to intersperse with some top-notch liberal comedy. The manner in which they make the struggles of myriad mental disorders relatable is both sensitive and progressive. They focus on the structural problems in society that inhibit management of these problems.

This last section is my favorite. The archive of feminist poetry is the largest and arguably the most diverse. The perspective of literally hundreds of women share colorful anecdotes and discuss global problems in an easy-to-digest lighthearted tone.

This poem is one of my favorites. Plainly, because I like to read and it elucidates the unconscious bias that many authors have. It is something you might recognize every time you read a YA novel now. Olivia Gatwood – “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” (WoWPS 2015)
This website/youtube/genius conglomerate inspired me to write poetry to work through some of the toughest writing blocks I’ve ever had. It is an inexhaustible resource that I would recommend to anyone with a computer.

Good for entertainment. Good for education. Good for inspiration. Even Simon Cowell would give this place an A+.


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