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The Faewitch Author Interview

Hey booknerds! It’s Mhairi here again. Today I got the opportunity to do a short interview with MJ Boshers, author of the upcoming YA fantasy ‘The Faewitch.’

1) Why do you write? For instance, is it personal improvement or to comment on culture, politics, or story telling tradition?
I write because I like to tell stories, but it helps me cope with stress as well. I also like to add some culture and unity to my books if I can.

2) You wrote your protagonist to have three love interests throughout the book. Some might say this is either satirical or a negative comment on teenage women. What is your opinion?
Some people are going to be negative, but I don’t see it to be a negative comment at all. Especially after reading the whole trilogy. She is a teenager who has entered not only another world, but also another stage in her life. She is trying to figure out what she wants and I think she handles it pretty well. The purpose was to let the audience know that you can fall in love with more than one person, but it is all in how you deal with it. She goes through a lot in this book and at the end of the trilogy it is clear to why she has the three love interests. I wanted to show Sophie’s character and how she matures throughout this stage in her life. This is a positive thing to say about a young woman who has been through so many obstacles.

3) When you are building a world, what inspires you? Music? Perhaps, food or theater?
Music definitely inspires me along with different places of the world I wish to visit someday.

4) How do you create an environment for your writing productivity?  
I carry a notebook with me all the time and write when I get the chance. I will type it all out later.

5) Is the book self-published or did you find it an agent? What was either process like for you?
I self-published and it was a fairly simple process, except for editing. I don’t like the editing side of things. Marketing is also a complicated part of self-publishing.

6) What is it like to have finished your debut novel?
It is amazing! Something excites me everyday. I love hearing that someone has just finished reading it and they thought it was amazing. I love meeting people at the signings and I have my first book fair coming up. It is a real exciting and very busy time, but I love it!

The Faewitch
By MJ Boshers
Genre: Urban fantasy

A young girl is torn from the mortal world and brought to a land full of magic. While discovering the possibilities of this exciting world, she unlocks a deadly secret. New friends show her the magic she holds within herself and realize their magic is stronger together. They must work in unity to stop an evil from destroying their world. Though they find love and power, they also find murder and betrayal. Can all survive this dangerous task? Will they rise to the challenge of what is set before them or will they fall beneath the ashes of what they are meant to save?

About the Author

MJ Boshers is an author of fantasy and YA novels. The Faewitch is her first book in a three book series. Also as a songwriter she loves to add music to her novels whenever she can. Being from the South, she likes to add that part of her to her novels, along with the accents. She lives in Alabama with her husband and daughter and believes there is nothing more important than her family. A member of NAPW, she hopes to encourage young women to never give up on their dreams and that women can be powerful. Her studies in Graphic Design and photography help her stay focused on books even when she isn’t reading or writing. Her hobbies include watching anything supernatural on television, hanging out with family and friends, music, and painting.


I wake up in a dirt cell by myself with my head bleeding pretty bad and I can hear screams coming from somewhere nearby. I hear another scream and it sounds familiar. I realize it is my mother and I jump up. “Leave her alone,” I yell. “It’s me you want, you coward. Here I am.” The screaming stops and I see a figure walking toward my cell. At least my mother is okay, I hope. It is pretty dark so I can’t see the man’s face. He comes in my cell and picks me up over his shoulder. I scream and fight trying to get free, but it’s no use because he it too strong. He throws me down by the fireplace and the room is lit up quite well now, so I look up to see his face. “No,” I say in disbelief. “It can’t be you.”

Two guards immediately come and hold me down by the fireplace. I try to get free, but I know there is no use in trying. They hold my head to the side and I can feel the heat coming off the branding iron which he is about to brand me with. I scream because I know it’s about to touch my neck. As it touches my skin, I hear it sizzle. The pain is unbearable at first and then it just goes numb.

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