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Mysterious Benedict Society Review

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I (It’s Mhairi by the way) am here today to tell you unequivocally that if you have not read ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ then you should speed over to your nearest B&N right now and get it.

This book was my childhood. But I still read it every once in awhile and love it just as much.

This book contains:
Mazes-Where you can pit yourself against Reynie to see if you solve them faster.

Great characters-They are so lovable that you want to know each of them personally, and they are smart as all hell. This book has some of the most non-condescending portrayals of young children that I have ever seen. These kids are not geniuses because they are like adults, but it is their creativity and resourcefulness that ultimately makes them better spies than the adults.

Secret societies-Tell me if I am incorrect, but everyone loves a good secret society. Maybe it is because we all secretly want to be in one ourselves. I do not know, but the whole way through this book you feel like the fifth member of the crew-fighting evil, solving puzzles, and saving the world.

In this masterpiece, four prodigies form a motley spy crew to foil an evil plot to indoctrinate people through television. They enter a prestigious school undercover to undermine the plan from the inside. They face concerning morse code messages and the hindrance of an early bedtime to fix some of the greatest evil their world has ever seen.

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This genius is the guy that wrote it. His name is Trenton Lee Stewart, a resident of Little Rock Arkansas and all-around stand-up guy.

The newest installment of this series is ‘The Secret Keepers’ which you can get here:
I have not yet read it, but I am linking it here anyways because I know it is great.
Dear Mr. Stewart if you are reading this… For me and many of my close friends, this book was a staple of our childhood. You are one of the inspirations for my writing and I thoroughly believe that anyone interested in books should read it.

This concludes my PSA. You are very welcome blog-reading community. I hope you have a great rest of the day!

P.S. Start it off my getting the first book here: ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_t_0

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