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Bookish Kitchen

Hey guys! So I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve been looking to Havenly (an awesome interior design service!) for some decorating ideas and inspiration, to bring you a series of bookish interior design posts! This series will be three posts: Bookish Kitchen, Bookish Living Room, and Bookish Bedroom. I’m going to be bringing to guys my top five favorite bookish products and design ideas to make your house as nerdy as you (jk, no house could ever be as nerdy as a real bookworm). So without further ado… The Bookish Kitchen!

#5- Art prints

These Honeydukes art prints are the perfect addition to any kitchen, particularly the kitchen of a nerdy baker. These kinds of prints would look cute hanging or on shelves. Warning- looking at them for long periods of time will make you crave candy. I know from personal experience.

Prints above can be found here and here 🙂

#4- Daily meal board

Anyone who has watched or read Lord of the Rings witll remember this awesome moment:


Well now you can commemorate that and remind everyone about the correct order of meals with this awesome wood carved sign!


I mean seriously, how cute is that! It would look adorable in any kitchen, and then whenever you’re snacking you have an excuse!

#3- Tea Towels


A surefire way to make washing dishes more fun is to let them dry on a Harry Potter themed tea towel! Plus how adorable is that cupcake..

#2- Bookish mugs

Okay guys, there are way too many amazing bookish mugs out there, so I’m going to restrain myself and just show you five of my favorites.

It was such a struggle to pick only five… I just spent about 20 minutes scrolling through etsy and resisting the urge to spend a few hundred dollars on mugs. But seriously, for any coffee, tea, or cocoa drinker, these mugs are perfect. You can find the links to get them below.

The Little Prince , Sherlock Holmes , The Three Broomsticks , Lord of the Rings , Revelio Coffee

#1- Harry Potter Spoon Set


These awesome wood-burned spoons are a total must-have for any kitchen! For all you potion and soup-making needs, there’s a wooden spoon. Plus they’re just so darn pretty!

Thank you all for reading my first post in this series! I know it’s a little different than what I normally do, but I hope you guys liked it 🙂 Check back soon for the next post in the series! Until then, happy reading 🙂

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