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Autoboyography Review


Hey you guys! This week I get to share an AWESOME new book with all of you! I received a review copy of the upcoming contemporary YA novel Autoboyography (September 12, 2017, Simon & Schuster). This book is the newest from kickass duo Christina Lauren, a NYT bestselling author.

Autoboyography follows Tanner, a bisexual teen who went back into the closet after moving to Provo, Utah. After his best friend Autumn convinces him to sign up for The Seminar, an intense noveling class, Tanner meets Sebastian Brother. Sebastian took The Seminar the previous year and ended up selling his novel to a publisher in New York. He’s smart, gorgeous, and, unfortunately for Tanner, very Mormon. Nevertheless, Tanner falls, and falls hard.


I couldn’t put this book down. It was reminiscent of a John Green or Rainbow Rowell novel; genuine, heartbreaking, and truthful. In this celebration of first love, we get a perspective that is so often overlooked or excluded in YA novels- a boy falling in love with another boy.

This novel approached Sebastian’s religion and its effect on his worldview with a really respectful and understanding perspective. So often, when religion is brought into these kinds of stories, it is either worshipped or demonized (no pun intended). It’s all very black and white. But in this book, Christina Lauren showed both sides, the flaw and the strengths, the good and the bad.

The writing of this book completely captures the teen voice. The ups and downs, the tiny moments that last forever and the million ways the world feels like it’s ending every year. Christina Lauren doesn’t treat the rollercoaster of teenage life patronizingly or try to make it seem like a bunch of silly concerns. Tanner’s voice rings completely true with the teenage experience, and it gave me flashbacks to first kisses, mortifying moments, and all of the craziness of being on the cusp of adulthood.

I was really rooting for both of the protagonists the entire time. The characters were well-developed, likable, and relatable. Tanner was also freakin hilarious. Like, I love that kid. I’ll be honest, I also loved this book because the main characters were writers and every time that there are teen writers I love the book. Immediately.

Overall, I loved this book. The concept was original, the voice was charismatic and funny, and the love made me get butterflies. I highly suggest that any fans of John Green or Rainbow Rowell get this book. I already preordered the hardcover 🙂

My final rating- 5/5

Thank you all for reading my review, and until next time, happy reading 🙂


54 thoughts on “Autoboyography Review

  1. What an awesome premise for a book! And it’s true: we do rarely read a boy’s story when it comes to falling in love. Even when it comes to hetero romance, the boy’s point of view is under-represented.

  2. I love books and this review is superb. Usually religion is definitely painted in black or white like you so, that is why this book interests me now.

  3. I just love YA books and this one sounds lovely. I love that they are tackling such a strong issue. I will be checking it out!

  4. Wow this story makes it sound like a great plot for a Netflix series! Oops, maybe I’ve been watching too much Netflix. Still, I think someone should consider making this into a TV series; topics of relationships, gender issues and religion are ever relevant in the world today!

  5. In the current insensitive climate towards LGBTQ folks, this sounds like a book that can help teens develop some sensitivity and appreciation for others. I don’t read YA novels but I’ll recommend this to others I know who do.

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