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Something Like Happy Review


Hey guys! I’m writing this in my dorm AT COLLEGE! Wooohooo! I’m finally all moved in and I’m making the transition to college life. A big part of that transition is finding things that make me feel happy and at home, and one of those is, of course, reading! I read Something Like Happy this week as I was moving in and WOW, it gave me all the feels.

Something Like Happy follows Annie, a downtrodden, depressed, divorced woman in her mid-thirties, and Polly, a loud, funny, rambunctious, charismatic woman with terminal brain cancer. Both women must spend a lot of time in the same hospital; Polly because of her terminal brain cancer, and Annie because of her mother, who has advanced stage Alzheimers. When Polly meets Annie, Annie is rude, dismissive, and generally a very sad person. Much to Annie’s chagrin, Polly befriends her and convinces Annie to do the one hundred days of happiness challenge.


This book was so touching. I absolutely loved the premise of happiness despite your situation; of choosing not to let bad situations get the best of you. Both of the main characters had been through a lot, but they didn’t let that get the best of them. Both women had to fight for their happiness, choose to overcome the obstacles in their path and be happy in spite of all the bad things in their lives. I really loved that message, and I think it definitely inspired me to try harder not to let anything get the best of me.

Polly and Annie’s friendship is another one of my favorite aspects of this novel. This kind of close, genuine, heartfelt, female friendship is something that is so challenging to get right in a book, but when you do it is just incredible. I can really feel the closeness between these women, the shared understanding of experiences, and the love. They make each other stronger, help each other when one is struggling, and push each other to be the best they can be. It really is the epitome of a perfect friendship.

Finally, the supporting cast of this novel is so strong. Quite often in books the secondary characters are just pushed to the side, ignored, and not capitalized on. This novel does no such thing. From Costas, the flamboyantly gay Greek twentysomething, to the gruff Scottish doctor McGrumpy, this cast of characters delights and excites at every turn.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable (and slightly emotionally draining) read. I loved the characters and the messages throughout, and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a moving read.

My final rating- 4.5/5

Thank you all for reading, and until next time, happy reading 🙂

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