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Eye of Minds Review

Eye of MindsBOY OH BOY am I excited to tell you about today’s book.

I picked this up a year ago on a whim from the B&N teen section (That place can be a landmine. Lemme tell you.) and I still remember exact sentences from this book. Still.

I have gotten some weird books in the teen section…. Worse, a few times my aunt tried to shop for me. I will spare you the gory details of the dimension-hopping manic pixie dream girl with a penchant for being clueless and the absent father who – surprise – turned out to be the villain, because it might hurt your ears.

Conversely, one awesome thing that’s been happening in the YA universe is sci-fi!! If you have not picked up a book about virtual reality or hacking then you need to. Young authors are constructing elaborate worlds where technology has evolved past human control. That means readers get to ready about incredible, impossible worlds and plucky heroes saving the world at the same time. If that interests you, which it should, then check out the most recent series of the bestselling James Dashner.

Eye of Minds is simply the most badass piece of literature you will read all year. It reads like a game of Dungeons and Dragons crossed with the futuristic techno-world of Ender’s Game. I don’t usually start off with a blurb, but this story is just too convincing.

Michael is a hacker in the immersive gaming world of the VirtNet, where people sleep in vampiric coffins to implant their consciousness onto the internet. He and his friends, Bryson and Sarah, manipulate their world through coding – editing trees and buildings into existence. Drawn deeper into the black underworlds of the VirtNet they come face to face with Kaine, an enigmatic man intent on stealing the mysterious ‘mortality doctrine.’ When Kaine starts setting his monsters on innocent members of Lifeblood, a popular game, people start dying in real life. The three hackers must race to save themselves and humanity from being trapped in it forever. They chase truth through infinite subgames, using cleverness and creativity to wile their way out of trouble. Yet, in the end, they will have to risk even their lives to find out what the hell the ‘mortality doctrine’ is and why anyone would want it.

If the name James Dashner sounds familiar it is because he wrote The Maze Runner. You’ve probably already read it so I won’t harp on. Suffice to say, the Eye of Minds is even better. Both books contain the superb world creation and addictive characters, but Dashner’s style has definitely evolved from his dystopia days. Now that I think about it, this review is also an open invitation to reread The Maze Runner, because that series is incredible the second and third time around too.

If you are looking for a book that will consume your life for a few days and leave you with an insatiable need to become a white hat hacker, then this is the fall YA for you! The ending itself is worth reading for. Prepare your jaw well to hang open for a good ten minutes after reading it.

As always, happy reading!

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  1. “The ending itself is worth reading for. Prepare your jaw well to hang open for a good ten minutes after reading it.”

    Funny how the very last little bit of a book can make or break a book. Glad this one was good til the last drop.

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