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Unorthodox Author Interview

Hey Guys! Today I am working with Bewitching Book Tours to bring you an interview with S. Peters-Davis, author of the upcoming paranormal thriller “Unorthodox.”

Kendra Spark, a psychic and communer with the decidedly deceased, is enlisted to fight a serial killer with the help of the FBI.  Does that sound cool or what?

Let’s get write (hehe) into the interview. Hey Mz. Peters-Davis!

Hello Morgan , Mhairi, and everyone at Bibliobakes, I’m S. Peters-Davis, author of Unorthodox, A Kendra Spark Novel. Thank you for hosting me today, and I thank your followers for stopping by. It’s so nice to virtually meet you all.

1) Delving into a crime-supernatural mix, is a difficult job. Do you have any experience with being a policeman (or a psychic) that helped you in writing this book?

SPD – I’m not a policeman, although I have lived a lifetime of reading detective and mystery books, along with speculative fiction books. I have also watched a fair share of television series and movies of both genres. There’s a good amount of research involved also through the craft of writing books, workshops, and courses.

Most of the “psychic” part is my experiences (of seeing apparitions as a child) and through intuition courses, plus a lifetime of research on the subject (books, workshops, courses, and personal experience). I love being a sponge for knowledge and wisdom:)

2) What is the earliest thing you remember writing?

I was in 5th or 6th grade when I wrote my first “Lost in Space” episode. LOL I wrote a few creature feature stories also. I made my friends read them and have no idea whatever happened to them.

3) How does inspiration come to you? In a flash? Or, did inspiration for ‘Unorthodox’ stew in your head for years?

I actually just wrote a post on this very subject. I wanted to write what I loved to read – blending the crime stuff with the paranormal. As luck would have it, I picked up a book by a popular author that resonated with what I wanted to write.

I did quite a bit of research on crime procedures and forensics (as mentioned above) and brought in the paranormal element and expanded it from a personal experience. Then dreamed about the protagonist of my story one night, and Kendra Spark was born.

4) What is your favourite book published recently? Your favourite classic?

My current favorite book is JD Brown’s Dark Ascension, an Ema Marx Vampire Urban Fantasy – has a ton of action, a mystery spin, along with a whole vampire/vampyre world and creates gripping tension and fantastical story-stars. This should be releasing soon if it hasn’t already; )

My favorite classic – hmmm…goes back in time, it’s a toss-up between the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis or Madeleine L’Engle’s Wrinkle in Time Quintet.

5) What experiences inspire your writing?

I have a writing accountability partner that keeps me motivated with great challenges – we do that for each other. We also go on writing retreats together and work on character sketches and plots for upcoming books. We just went to a book event and attended the writer workshops, which were rather eye-opening and full of great tips and knowledge.

My grandchildren give me excellent food for fodder with their unique personalities for my mid-grade stories (written under DK Davis).

And honestly, reading well-written books in genres that I love most inspire me to write stronger.

Thanks again for your support and hosting me at your site. Have an amazing year of all successes : ) You can get Unorthodox here: Amazon

POV switch to Bibliobakes: Thanks to Mz. Peters-Davis for this awesome interview. After all, there is little else that readers like more than getting inside an author’s brain space, except, that is, more books.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

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