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Sunday Spotlight #3

Hey Guys! Welcome to the third week of Sunday Spotlight. I hope all of you, whether attending your religious organization or family dinners, are having a wonderful weekend.

Today, we are talking about Special Minds. Thank you so much to Ally K. for sending us your book; it has been a pleasure.

Special Minds follows the tumultuous relationship of Millicent Kale and Mr. White. She is a hard-hitting woman, who puts up walls as a defense against her memories, guilt, and ambitions. He is a businessman, who enters her life full throttle. You can guess what happens… Kind of.


I wake up and feel the headache split my brain again. Every morning the same. Every night always nightmares. Always pain, it follows me, doesn’t let go for a minute. I am so tired, I feel hollow, yet the pain keeps on eating me up. Is it ever going to fade? Is it just a passing fragment of time, leaving me waiting to move on and suffer each moment of my life? Or am I doomed to live with this pain until the last drop of life leaves my body? I don’t know. To be honest, I have no idea what it is that happened to me. Why this started in the rst place.

I stopped taking the analgesics. They don’t work any- way — why keep taking them, if it doesn’t help?

Is it just my head that hurts, you ask? No. It is my mind. Yes, you heard me correctly. It is my mind that hurts the most. It is the torment that I feel in my dreams, the agony of my feelings, the destructive thoughts of my own mind. What led me here? Like I said, I don’t know.

Let’s start from the beginning, so you shall understand my story. My name is Millicent Kale, I am a seventeen year old girl (born on the 13th of July, 1997), too smart, too old for my age. I feel like I’m thirty, give or take a few years. I’m already exhausted of life, even though there’s not much to be exhausted of.

When I can’t function any longer in need of sleep, I go to bed, already prepared for what is waiting for me. If I dream, then it’s either a nightmare, or a dream I can’t actually see, I can hear, and smell, and feel, but I feel like in a daze, not seeing much, or just not able to look up, I’m always staring down.


Again, I wish you all a happy weekend and a wonderful start of the week. Thanks again to Ally K. for letting us read her book, and, as always,

Happy Reading!

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  1. That excerpt was emotional and intense, definitely how things can feel sometimes… Hope your having a great weekend and also wishes for a good week!

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