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Sunday Spotlight #4

Hey Guys! For today’s Sunday Spotlight, we will be taking a look at C.L. Hagely’s, “Hunter: The Fallen One.” This novel is a riveting installment of the Lian Hunter Adventures, a story full of intrigue, conspiracy, and adventure. It follows Lian Hunter and his best friend Gabriel as they uncover the reason for mysterious disappearances at the elite school they attend.

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“Lian backed up, scooting on his stomach until he was certain he was well away from the edge. He stood up, and started making his way back through the tunnel. When he reached the intersection, he crossed over to the right side this time, again paying close attention to the floor for any impeding stalagmites he may encounter. There was still plenty of darkness between the torches, and Lian reasoned they were purposely spread that far apart so one would have to be familiar with the route to feel safe walking through it. He was starting to realize how far he was immersed in this maze. There was still no sign of anyone else in the tunnel system, but he had no choice but to keep going now. He just hoped he could find his way back out. He could feel the pulse of his heart and it was pounding in his ears as he carefully moved forward, keeping close to the wall.

Lian looked around, and saw another corridor up ahead. This tunnel had no torches, but a green luminescent glow instead. He noticed another opening in the wall farther up, but his mind was taking in the odd aura of the entire new passageway he’d uncovered. There perched up high on the walls were rocks-the source of the colorful light. He’d seen these rocks before. Snodgrass had the same ones in his classroom, except these specimens pulsated in and out, dim and then bright, almost like they were alive. Lian had to squint to search further down the passageway, and he was starting to feel dizzy from the strobe-light effect of the rocks. He knew he may have to find some places in this well-lit stretch of the maze to duck in and hide in case someone happened upon him.”

I hope all you Bibliobakes readers are having a slightly more pleasant day than Mr. Hunter, but if you have the urge to read yourself out of the Sunday lull, this book is for you. Thanks again to C.L. Hagely for letting us read the book!

And, as always,

Happy Reading!

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  1. Wow…..this is a nice article, though am not the type that loves novel, but going through your article am motivated to enrich my knowledge more. Thanks for sharing

    1. I think so. That’s why I like writing some of these sunday spotlights, because it is just such a lovely day to sit down and read.

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