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Sunday Spotlight #5


Hey guys! This week I had the pleasure of reading “Eagle of the Empire”, an awesome YA from author Martin Ferguson. This book is intricately plotted, full of twists and turns, and just the right amount of history. This novel follows Adam Hunter on his quest to find his brother. While searching, he discovers a secret organization that’s part of the British Museum, one that does the most dangerous treasure hunting and goes on top secret missions.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Adam is a charming main character, smart but not cocky, caring, and fiercely devoted to his brother. The author really brought him to life through his dialogue and his quirks, and by the end of the novel I really felt like I knew him.

If you enjoy adrenaline-filled, action-packed stories, this book is for you. The Hunter brothers will win your heart as you follow them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Amazon Blurb:

As all around me cheer, eager for blood, eager for glory, I realise I have escaped one life of war and bitter struggle for survival and entered another, where the cheers of crowd will decide life or coming death.

The sound of thousands of spectators gasping sounds like soughing reeds. This is the end of my story; this glorious moment. There is no way I can win, whatever I do. Death is the only victory on offer to me today.’

Join the subversive and charming college student, Adam Hunter in his quest to recover his brother and the infamous Roman Relic of The Golden Eagle.

As Adam undertakes the dangerous adventure to find his missing brother, he unearths the secret organisation, which is part of the British Museum, This top secret, classified group are responsible for undertaking extreme treasure hunting, and relic recovery quests, ensuring history’s most prized, dangerous, and sometimes magical, artefacts are secured safely away for future generations.

‘Eagle of The Empire’ is the first in this adventure, action series, and sees Adam Hunter discovering not only the secret double life of his brother, Matt, but also of the Centurion, Optio Marcus Aurelius, who formed part of the legendary, infamous legion, The Legio IX Hispana.

Erased from history, and transformed into the realm of legends, the Legio IX Hispana was fabled to have been involved in an event so miraculous, and to have secured a totem so powerful, that now, the most evil man on the planet will do anything in his power to secure it.

Dash alongside the Hunter Brothers and the British Museum team as they do everything in their power to stop The Eagle of The Empire falling into the wrong hands.

Get the book here Eagle of The Empire (The Relic Hunters) (Volume 1)

Thanks for reading my review, and until next time, happy reading 🙂

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