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Renegades Review

Hey Guys! If you haven’t heard of Renegades, just wait… This book is fantastic. Sci-fi hasn’t been in my top genres for a good few years, but this book made me wanna pull out Ender’s Game and some Carl Sagan ASAP.

Renegades is a story of the converging destinies of four soldiers: Sean and Dillon the brothers, Vance the right hand man, and Logan the ghost-walker. Sean and Dillon are sent unfairly to prison following their rescue of a senator’s nephew. Without knowledge of their charges, they need razor sharp wit and observation to save themselves. Vance has everything to leave behind and a love for his best friend that will take him, literally, to the edge of the universe. Logan has known from childhood that he possessed the mysterious ability to ghost walk, or teleport and distance in seconds.

The Outer Rim is the threshold of the ruling Human Assembly’s power. Every mission that seeks to recapture the Outer Rim from the rogue warlord who stole it has ended in massacre. The quest to reclaim it binds the four protagonists together irrevocably, drawing them into a web of violence, conspiracy, and war.

The only thing that four young twenty year olds have against a vicious warlord is their power. Logan’s ability to ghost walk means he can sense other people with the gift. The army he builds under his authority is small but plucky, full of ghost walkers and strategists. The traditional Generals that tried before have nothing on this band of Renegades (oh, look. There’s the title).

Renegades is fast-paced and witty. Every chapter is a cliffhanger that will have you flipping the page faster than you click the read and accept button for Starbuck’s wifi. There is frankly so much plot packed in that I could not fit half of it in the summary. This book takes a bit of focus to read as it insists on twisting your focus around in knots, especially the use of different viewpoints. It is a puzzle that will keep you interested and rushing through paragraphs just so you can read the next one.

I am not here to say that I am the expert on market trends in sci fi, but this book really does have it all. Aka Aliens, dragons, teleporting. Thomas Locke manages to perfectly balance the heavy plot of the quintessential sci fi with the intrigue that is popular and easily accessible to every reader.

If you haven’t read sci fi in a while-or ever- then this book is a great introduction to the genre with a very modern feel.

Happy Reading!

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