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Girls Who Code review


Hey guys! I’m here today to tell you about a SUPER awesome book I just read. For those of you who don’t know, Girls Who Code is this really cool organization that works to increase the number of women in the Computer Science field. They organize clubs in Elementary, Middle, and High school, and since they’ve started they’ve provided education about computer science to hundreds of thousands of girls.

This book is honestly what we need more of in the world. For one, look at that cover. Do you see the diversity there? This book is about a group of girls of different races, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds coming together to share their love of computer science. This is 100% what needs to be on the shelf of EVERY library and in the hands of EVERY little girl. I really just can’t stop gushing about this book.

For one, this book provides such positive role models. When I was in elementary and middle school, many of the books about groups of female friends were just terrible examples. The vast majority had storylines exactly like this: Person A and Person B are bffs until they like the same guy. Then they hate each other. Can they ever work past it and become friends again?

That is EXACTLY the kind of stuff we don’t need more of. We don’t need to surround young girls with toxic, fragile friendships that dissolve the minute a boy enters the picture. What we need are stories like these; ambitious, brave, driven young women who share an interest and drive and are BFFS. That’s what I want elementary schoolers reading.

Also, technology remains one of the most male-dominated sectors, and I think books like this are really going to help change that. Instead of saying that computers and coding are “boy’s stuff” this really invites girls in, and shows that they can kick butt at coding just as much as boys can. Yay girl power!

Overall, I really recommend this book to anyone who has a daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend, etc (or just wants a good book). It really impressed me and I just want every girl in the world to read this book. You can get it here Team BFF: Race to the Finish! 2 (Girls Who Code)

Final rating- 5/5

Thank you for reading my review, and until next time, happy reading 🙂

About Girls Who Code:
In 2012, Reshma Saujani founded the national non-profit organization Girls Who Code to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.  Girls Who Code believes to close the gender gap in technology, we have to inspire girls to pursue computer science by exposing them to real life and on screen role models. They engage engineers, developers, executives, and entrepreneurs to teach and motivate the next generation. Their guest speakers, mentors, and instructors are leaders in their fields, working in positions the girls aspire to attain.
Girls Who Code aims to provide computer science education and exposure to one million young women by 2020. Together with leading educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs, Girls Who Code has developed a new model for computer science education, pairing intensive instruction in robotics, web design, and mobile development with high-touch mentorship and exposure led by the industry’s top female engineers and entrepreneurs.
Through rapid iteration and expansion of the Summer Immersion Program and highly-scalable Girls Who Code Clubs, Girls Who Code has delivered thousands of hours of instruction since beginning in 2012. 94% of students graduate from their Summer Immersion Programs and say that they want to pursue a major or minor in computer science, and 99% would recommend Girls Who Code to other girls.
Girls Who Code programs have earned support from CEOs of top Fortune 500 companies, engaged more than 700 industry professionals, delivered some of the most robust data on computer science education, and been featured in 100+ publications and media outlets, from The New York Times to the Today Show. By the end of 2015, Girls Who Code will have reached over 10,000 girls and plans to have a presence in all fifty states.

8 thoughts on “Girls Who Code review

  1. Looks like a very interesting book. As a female who can code, I know from having conversations with others that they are shocked that I can do it, when I asked one woman why she was shocked I got the ‘but your female’ response.
    Does this book include any coding, or is it just a story about female coders?

  2. Love the Girls Who Code program and concept.. will make sure I read this with my little girl. As a woman who has been in tech since forever now, I never feel surprised that girls can code (and am actually surprised at those who think they can’t)
    Glad to have stumbled on to your blog – baking and books – two of my favorites too

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