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Kendare Blake Interview

Hey guys! So this week I have something super awesome for you… an interview with Kendare Blake, author of the Three Dark Crowns series! For those of you who don’t know, Three Dark Crowns is one of my FAVE series. You can find my reviews of the first two books here and here. So without further ado, the amazing Kendare Blake!
1. How was writing One Dark Throne different than writing Three Dark Crowns? Was it more or less challenging?
It was less challenging, I would say, and I’m pretty sure that’s true, because looking back I had to rewrite Three Dark Crowns like four times, but I only had to rewrite One Dark Throne two and a half times. I think what made it easier was that I had the world and characters largely established, so I was able to dive right in.
2. What were your greatest sources of inspiration when writing this book? Were there any particular books, movies, or soundtracks that got you into a particularly creative mindset?
For this series, I haven’t been listening to music or watching any particular shows/movies. Haven’t been reading any particular books. The island of Fennbirn owes a lot of the isle of Avalon, and a bee swarm and the behavior of queen bees was the largest inspiration, but other than that, I don’t know. Can’t really point to any particular influences. There are a few naming nods to Game of Thrones in there, because I’m a fan. But plot-wise they aren’t that similar, except that both involve the fight for a throne.
3. What kind of research did you have to do for this book? Where did you go for it?
I researched a lot of poisons. That research actually saved my dog, Obi-dog Kenobi, because it allowed me to identify an EXTREMELY toxic tree in our backyard before we got him. One chew of one stick and he would have been dead, and then I would have had to burn those mothers down in vengeance.
Alas I did not get to travel anywhere for research or inspiration this time. That’s the bane of fantasy worlds…I can’t plan trips there to get the feel of the place and then write it off on my taxes later.
4. Which scene was your favorite to write?
I love writing food, so any of the poisoner feasts were fun. I also love writing sassy animals, so anything with Camden the cougar or Hank the rooster was also a blast.
5. How do you write? Do you have any specific rituals for writing?
I write in my office, with a doberman on my feet, and sometimes a sphynx cat judging my typing. I tend to write more in the afternoons and evenings, after I have worn all my pets out and they will nap quietly. They’re a little like having toddlers, really. Toddlers who will never turn sixteen and ask to borrow the car.
Bonus question- Can you sort the queens into Hogwarts houses?
I can! Queen Mirabella is a Ravenclaw. She’s very, “best of the best of the best, ma’am!” Queen Arsinoe is a Gryffindor, running in without thinking and ruled by her heart, and her gut more than her head. Queen Katharine is a Hufflepuff, sweet, and balanced, and aiming to please. You might think that her house changed following certain events, but deep down Kat is still the same Kat…it’s the things inside of her that have other houses 🙂
Thanks so much to Kendare for doing this interview, and to all my lovely readers for reading it! Until next time, happy reading 🙂

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