Nanowrimo 2017

Nanowrimo Wrap Up

Hey Guys!

It is one week into our writing journey into hell… I mean NaNoWriMo. If you didn’t catch our last post then no worries, I’ll explain. Nano is an annual writing challenge where a thousands strong writing community gathers online to write 50,000 words in a month. It is slightly crazy, but one week in, Morgan and I have some thoughts.

Mhairi: Nano is truly crazy. Last night I was up till one-thirty in a cheap motel in the Shenandoahs writing in the bathtub so I wouldn’t wake my family. Luckily, I hit my ten thousand word mark! But let’s just say it was not a notably glamorous occasion.

This book is my third, and I’m noticing that words come out a lot smoother. When I wrote my first novel last January it took me six months to write forty thousand words. I couldn’t write more than five hundred in a session, and even that would drain me. The other day, I wrote two thousand in one sitting! If you’re struggling with word count or speed, don’t worry. I’ve been there and with practices it improves a heckuva lot.

The next thing I am loving about Nano this year is the community. There are twitter based word sprints themed as a Hogwarts house cup. I’ve even friended some of the lovely Bibliobakes followers and talked to them about their projects. Whether on twitter, the Nano website, or this blog, this community is continually uplifting and interested in each other’s work.

My Nano project is so far on par. I’m in the honeymoon phase where I’m absolutely in love with this story. The best thing about Nano is the fact that it’s only a month! So that fuzzy feeling never gets the chance to wear off.

I hope your projects are all going well, and feel free to friend me at Mcusual!

Morgan: Well, today I had the terrible realization that many nano-ers get at some point. My book has no plot. I’ve actually been able to stay on track with my word counts so far, but I. Have. No. Plot. I just don’t know where it went! Tomorrow I’m going to be sitting down to do a major brainstorming session and hopefully find a plot in there somewhere.

Like Mhairi, this is my third book and so far the words have definitely been coming a lot easier. I just feel like the flow is a lot stronger.

This coming week is the dreaded week two. I’ve done Nano twice before and everything that they say about week two is absolutely true. It kicks my butt. But hopefully, this month will be different!

Good luck to all of you on your writing endeavors, and until next time, happy writing 🙂

10 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Wrap Up

  1. “This book is my third, and I’m noticing that words come out a lot smoother.” From your mouth to God’s ears! I so hope this holds true for me.

    Good luck Morgan. Keep rockin’ it.

  2. Good luck! I’ve seen so many posts about NaNo but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, until now, so thank you for the explanation. I may have to join in at some point. I’ve started writing a novel, but I haven’t written anything in about 2 months.

  3. No plot? No problem! read through what you have thus far and let that guide you! If that sounds like terrible advice, it’s because I have never wrote book before… it just sounded like a smart thing to say when I said it in my head.

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