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Allen Eskens Interview

This week I am so excited to be bringing you an interview with USA Today Bestselling author Allen Eskens! I recently reviewed The Heavens May Fall and loved its classic murder mystery feel and brilliant characters (The Heavens May Fall ).

Let’s get into the interview!

What is an author that everyone else hates but you love? 

Good question. Truthfully, I can’t think of one. In part, it’s because I don’t read enough. Unlike most authors, I didn’t come to writing as a voracious reader. I came to this profession as a daydreamer who wanted to give substance to my over-active imagination. For that reason, I can’t boast all that extensive of a library and those books that I do read tend to be ones that have a strong following because they are well-written.

What book made you feel the strongest emotion?

For that, I have to go back to my youth when I read Where the Red Fern Grows. Like the protagonist in that book, I grew up in the Ozarks and loved dogs. I still tear up when I read it.

Do you read the same genre that you write?

I do read in my genre, but I usually read more literary novels because I aspire to write mysteries with strong character plots and elevated prose. Literary novels do a better job of moving me along that path.

What is your favorite scene that you have ever written?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I have to say that there is a turning point in my most recent novel, The Deep Dark Descending that stands out for me. My protagonist is struggling with a decision, the crux of which is whether to side with vengeance or with justice. The point in the novel where he arrives at his decision was one of my favorite scenes for both its prose and its power.

Are you part of a community of other writers who inspire/challenge you?

When I was learning my craft, I found it important and helpful to belong to writing groups. As I journey forward, however, I am more comfortable doing things on my own. With each new novel, I find that the challenges I create can only be answered by my own assessment—if that makes sense. I know what I want to achieve and the joy of what I do can be found in meeting that challenge on my own. I will forever remain a student of writing and will never come to a place in my life where I believe I have all the answers, but the isolation of being a writer suits me.

What character qualities have helped you succeed as an author?

I believe that insecurity and doubt have played an important role in my success. I came to this career believing that I had no talent for writing. Because of that, I wanted to learn everything I could about the craft of writing. I’ve always believed that talent can be developed out of a deep understanding of writing technique. For that reason, I studied creative writing for twenty years before I attempted to publish a novel. I think that one of the biggest mistakes a young writer can make is to assume that having read a lot of novels can somehow translate into the ability to write one. That would be akin to thinking that you could wire a house because you’ve been plugging appliances into outlets all your life.

You can find Mr. Eskens Here. Thank you so much for doing the interview today!

And, as always, happy reading!

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