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Artemis Review

The first time I watched Interstellar, I cried. Space movies are inherantly about human innovation and about pushing characters to the brink of their moral and physical thresholds. If you’ve ever heard the saying that people are made of stardust, you probably can not help the feeling of wonder that it brings.

That is perhaps the reason for Science Fiction’s persistant success. Think Star Wars, Interstellar, or Ender’s Game. If I ask you to think of a list of the big sci fi movies that have come out in the last decade, no doubt the Martian would be high on your list.

After getting his debut novel made into the blockbuster of the year, Andy Weir is back in the game with Artemis, which comes out today!

This book is incredible! Jazz is a hilarious protagonist, filled with gritty persistance and wild humor. I loved this book and honestly cannot recommend more that you all go out an order it right now.

Jazz lives in the world’s first moon colony, Artemis, a creation of the Kenyan government. The colony is divided heavily over fiscal fault lines that segregate the rich and the poor. Jazz is the latter. Her father lives in the Arabic cultural neighborhood, where he is a welder. Jazz aspires to be one of the spacesuit-wearing tour guides that lead earth tourists into the moon’s wilderness. In the meantime, she smuggles contraband from earth to keep herself afloat.

When one of her regular customers, a filthy rich business mogul, offers her the illegal job of a lifetime, Jazz takes it: destroy the company that provides Artemis with oxygen and let him take over.

I won’t spoil any more, but I can only say that it gets better. The world is only a few city bubbles wide and filled with incredible predictive detail. Weir has an almost Orwellian prophetic ability to see the advancements of the future. When we have our first moon colony, it wouldn’t suprise me if Weir got some of the place names correct.

The characters are brilliant. Jazz is plucky and flawed with an intense desire for wealth. Rudy is the single-member police force and justice department. Trond, the engimatic billionare, is equally a good father and ruthless businessman.

If there is one word to describe this book it is “thrilling.” If you also cried at Interstellar or simply love really good stories, then Artemis should be your right-now read.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Really enjoyed this book! Most reviews I’ve seen are positive too, with the exception of those that didn’t like Jazz. I know some readers found her annoying, but I personally liked her, she grew on me after a while 😀

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