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Renegades Review


Hey guys! So I’m sure that many of you have read about Renegades, Marissa Meyer’s new book. I know that I was super hyped about this book coming out. Ever since I read Heartless, I’ve been a huge fan of Marissa Meyer, so when I got an E-galley of this book I was beyond pumped. And this story definitely lived up to all the hype.

This story follows two different teen prodigies, people born with special powers. Nova was born with the ability to put people to sleep. Adrian was born with the ability to bring his drawings to life. In another life, the two might have been friends. But when Nova Artino was six, her parents were murdered by a gang. Her parents were supposed to be under the protection of the Renegades, a group of superheroes, and when the Renegades didn’t show up to save her parents, Nova never forgave them. She joined forces with the Anarchists, the sworn enemy of the Renegades. And Adrian is the son of the two leaders of the Renegades.

This story was AWESOME. I gotta admit, I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned superhero story. This one had everything you want out of a superhero story; awesome superpowers, a fight between good and evil, brave young superheroes, kick-ass backstories. But what really made this story stand out to me was all of the gray area. We get both sides of the story, and neither of them are completely without blame. There aren’t really “good guys” or “bad guys” in this story because we see the human side to every story.

I also really loved Nova. If you guys haven’t figured it out by now, I kind of have a weakness for kick-ass female roles in stories. They make my life complete. And Nova was so awesome. Admittedly, she was kind of emotionally damaged, and her motives were a little warped, but she was loyal, she was hardworking, and she took no nonsense from no one.

The worldbuilding in this story felt complete, thorough, and well thought out. The world that Marissa Meyer created was completely immersive, and I loved reading it. It really made the story feel grounded and believable. An important element of this was the background characters. Instead of feeling like two-dimensional secondary characters, they all felt well fleshed out, interesting, and believable. Ruby (Red Assassin) was one of the best characters in the book.

Overall, If you feel like a good, action packed YA, I highly recommend this book. It was a really fun read (particularly if you have time to binge read it) and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Final rating- 5/5

Thanks for reading my review, and until next time, happy reading 🙂

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