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This Mortal Coil Review

Hey guys!

It has been way too long since Morgan and I have been engaging with you all. We’re jumping right back in with a review of one of my 2017 favorites. It’s nearing New Years, which means resolutions and looking back on all the wonderful books we’ve read and reviewed in this last orbit round the sun.

I read this book almost too late to review in this first year of Bibliobakes, but I’m so pleased to be raving about This Mortal Coil. A big thank you to NetGalley for helping out.

This Mortal Coil is the heart-rate quickening, dystopian, sci-fi thriller that beats out every competitor in its almalgam genre. I saw it in my local B and N (which has an escalator of all things) the other day. It was so cool to see this book in stores, and I recommend you take a lunch break drive to get a copy ASAP!

I’m running out of hymns to sing about how excellently written, deftly plotted, and heart-stoppingly action-packed this book is. So, I’ll just tell you about it.

Catarina Agatta is the daughter of the world’s most renowned geneticist. In her patch of Wyoming, and all over the world, people are implanted with boards of codeable software that can make them immune to heart disease, help them sprout wings or run faster. All thanks to the work of genetics ‘hackers’ like Catarina, a vaccine for the new plague spreading across the planet is being made.

Driven underground into bunkers built by the looming Cartaxus group, people are hiding from the virus while it spreads faster and faster. When Catarina’s father is kidnapped by Cartaxus to code their new vaccine, he tells her to never let herself be caught.

Catarina spends the next two years hiding in the woods, sifting through her Father’s notes and trying to make contact. Infected people keep crawling closer to her home, blowing up into a cloud of infection that can kill people from a mile away.

Coming back from a hunting trip, a blackout agent dressed in Cartaxus gear appears in front of her woodside cabin. He had been sent by her father. Catarina finds herself embroiled in a plot to release her father’s vaccine to the world, racing against Cartaxus and the rebel Spies.

I can’t explain any more of the plot without revealing some truly stunning twists. I thought I had reached the end a full THREE times. Suvada managed to pull the wool over my eyes a full three times. I’m a writer and can think in a pretty meta way about novels, so I can only try to express how impressive that is.

I leave you with sincere wishes that your Christmas (Or other wintry holiday) was magical and that your New Years resolutions aren’t stressing you out too much. As a holiday present to us here at Bibliobakes, do yourself a favor and take that drive to B and N for this book. You’ll thank us later.

Happy Reading!



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