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Milk and Honey Review

Hey guys! Today was a very creative day and I’m ending it with Morgan across the kitchen countertop making blueberry pie and listening to an audiobook (fam favorite: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland).

I wrote some poetry today and found writing partner poetry lends a lot of queer ideas that a single brain in its molasses stuck pathways isn’t able to find. I also read something that I probably should have read when it was on every one of the tumblr blogs I followed. I have since deleted tumblr because I apparently think myself much more grown up than I was two months ago. Growing up seems to be like that.

If you haven’t read Milk and Honey, well… you’re just like me from twenty minutes ago. It’s a book that shoots through in barely any time at all. The illustrations are cute and lend an extra layer of aesthetic appeal to the soft, unapologetically feminine ethos of Kaur’s poetry.

Some of the poems are simply weird for weirdness sake, much more like observations in a pocket journal than fully formed poems. Then again, the typical idea of poetry comes from the masterful control of language of Tennyson and Chesterton and is very much an old idea. Old ideas are often free to be made over.

I’m pleased I read it after the hype died (and so I can read her new book) so I could look at it without the lens of my incessant desire as a sixteen year old to physically transmute into a manic pixie dream girl. Overall, a profound read for incredible brevity. I would recommend it.

Happy Reading!

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