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A Review of Bernie’s New Book

Hey guys! Today we’re talking about a nonfiction book. Try new things, I guess? I want to talk about this book not because of politics. Instead, today, let’s talk about reading openness. This book is written directly, a great fit linguistically for middle schoolers. At the same time, it has all sorts of fun facts and extra readings embedded at the chapter ends to appeal to audiences up to adulthood.

Have you ever written off (hehe) a book because you looked at a chapter and the writing was too simple? I certainly have, but simplicity is occasionally a great strength. This is more evident in nonfiction, where a concise, simple style can help readers understand the content. Yet, even in fiction, there are many great books which simplify their writing to let the merits of the plot take the limelight. I’ve even heard criticism that The Sorcerer’s Stone-the giant of a generation!- is written too simply. If Harry Potter can be called “too simple,” then as readers we perhaps need to rethink the way we look at literary art. Simplicity is good for us! It saves time. It conveys ideas accurately. It is accessible to a wider age range.

Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution is an endearing read. Regardless of politics, it is an optimistic look at the future of America. I love a political book, every now and then, that can stick to what’s positive. A bipartisan look at how we should lower unemployment: check. Recommendations for volunteering organizations: check. Looking at young people as the movers of the country: check.

If you have a kid or a nephew or a friend interested in politics, I highly recommend this book.

Happy Reading!

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