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How I Resist Review

Hey Guys! Recently, I’ve been going off the beaten track with books I’m reviewing. Am I encouraging you all to be rebels? Probably. Am I an authority on the matter? Meh…

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Today, we’re talking about a different type of rebellion. If you have any strong political opinions, especially if you’re young, you have probably come across the disheartening message that individual activism can’t make a difference. I’ve been on a philosophy kick recently, and, as Seneca says, if life hasn’t gifted you with media coverage and a seat in the senate, “stand your ground anyhow and help with the shouting.”

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How I Resist is a series of essays and interviews about activism, dotted with pithy observations, poetry, and lighthearted humor. It showcases an astoundingly diverse cast of voices from Rosie O’Donnell to Javier Munoz (A Hamilton Actor who played… Hamilton) ┬áto Dylan Marron (Carlos from the inimitable Welcome to Night Vale). If you watch the news, it will probably make you sad. If you go to a protest, it will probably make you angry. But reading cool essays about how your voice matters is never a negative thing to add to your life.

This book is a five-star read. I would recommend it to anyone young, to anyone old, to anyone marginalized, to anyone interested in politics, and to my little sisters. I wish you all a happy season of feeling like your voice matters.

Happy Reading!

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