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The Door To The Lost Review

Hey Guys! Guess who has been living in the cupboard in Morgan’s dorm for the last month? You guessed correctly, it’s me. Turns out I’m visiting in that lovely part of February when everyone at college is sick (Morgan just coughed on the other side of the room).

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I have so far survived unscathed, thanks to staying firmly on my side of the room. My reading slump may, officially, be over. Woohoo for that!


I even read Lolita for the first time! However, in a slightly less macabre genre, I have found an absolutely, positively, thrillingly gorgeous new favorite. The Door to the Lost follows three refugees from the wizard world of Vora. A closed portal in the Wasteland ruins prevents Rook, a teenager with the ability to open a door to anywhere in the world, from going home. Teaming up with Drift, who possesses the power of changing wind, and Fox, a shapeshifter who much prefers his fluffy tail to stubby nose, the children are drawn into a plot to finally close the Wasteland ruins and prevent another magical explosion in their kingdom.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.15.19 AM.pngThe Door to the Lost has the explosive elegance of poetry. It reads as warm as the aftertaste of a good coffee. Its characters are heartwarming and their relationships wholesome and supportive.

Regarding the importance of introducing children to empathy for refugees and educating them in an appropriate way for their understanding and emotions, this book is a perfect start to discussions about what family means, how war affects children, and what we can do to help.

This book stole a piece of my heart from the first page (as soon as Fox is introduced. He’s adorable and I just want to protect him). It’s a five-star review from me.

Happy Reading!


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  1. So this is my first time officially reading any of your posts and I’m blown. wonderful review and I’m glad you’re not ill. I love the moment you’re out of a reading slump, i’m fighting mine as I type now.

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