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A Possibility of Whales Review

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Last week we talked about the beautiful tear-jerker that was Love, Ish. After that book, Karen Rivers had pretty much earned the Gold as my new favorite MG author. A Possibility of Whales made sure I could never forget it.

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A Possibility of Whales is the story of Nat, the motherless daughter of a movie star who has escaped to the Canadian coast. She likes words that only exist in other languages and whales, which she treks all the way to Mexico to find. She deals with the embarrassing troubles of puberty and middle school, while trying to find out who her mom is and why she left.

Let’s also mention that the second main character is a trans boy! I can count the number of middle grade books I’ve read with a trans characters on two fingers, and both of them were written by Rivers. I loved how normal Harry is, facing all the struggles of a young guy trying to make his way in a rough, blacktop world.┬áNat’s dad is also hilarious. Read this book just for the dad jokes…

Karen Rivers has a style that really illuminates the gritty, flawed bits of growing up. Combined with a beautiful yet acessible prose style, she is everything you could ask from a midgrade author and more. Thank you so much to Algonquin Young Readers for sending me an adorable ARC of this book (just look at the cover guys!)

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I can’t wait to talk more book talk soon.

Happy Reading!

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