A Darker Shade of Magic Review

Hey Guys! My fangirl levels have gone of the charts. My heart is out of rhythm and the kettle is empty. I have seen fanart all over Pinterest and ignored it. I found the book on the front shelf at Barnes and Nobles and I ignored it again. When I finally picked it up, it sat in my unread books pile next to my desk for a month.

Mistakes just kept piling up. I cannot, however, be more thankful that I finally got to A Darker Shade of Magic.


Schwab’s writing is addictive. I have three papercuts right now from turning the pages too quickly. The plot is twisty turnier than poision ivy and did I mention her characters are badass. But I’ll get to that later.

A Darker Shade of Magic is about theĀ antari Kell, one of the few remaining people who can travel between worlds. After a magical rift tore the four Londons apart. Gray London. Red London. White London. Black. Kell is a magical diplomat, carrying messages between worlds and avoiding the clutches of White London’s evil Dane twins. After a destructive, magical stone starts wreaking havoc between all four London’s, he and the pirate wannabe Lila Bard have to save all the worlds from its rampant chaos.

Now, characters. Lila Bard is a cutpurse with a strong moral compass, lofty aspirations, and slippery fingers. She is the baddest, hardest of her archetype. She is nuanced, frightening, and an all around excellent lady.

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Kell whips blood magic out of his back pocket like it’s nothing. His friendship with Lila is protective and a little show offy. What wizard doesn’t like to show of his powers to all the pretty theives around.

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I’m going to go order the next book ASAP. I suggest you all hop to it as well.

Happy Reading!

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