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How to DIY a Reading Nook!

6ED91B1A-DDC1-43D8-92D1-078B4EF1BC17Hey Guys!

I wanted to try a new type of post, because rainy days like today are my favorites to snuggle up with a mug of tea and talk to you all! After seeing my old favorite bookshop again, I realized I have not yet written a post on my favorite reading place in the world.

Do you have a corner or your home that needs revamping? A window seat you’ve been using as storage space? Well, today we’re going to talk about how to make a reading nook! The benefits of a reading nook are as follows: a private place to read, a place to set your teacup, and fluffy pillows.

There are a few essential components of a reading nook. First, add some decoration. All the weird souvenirs you’ve got lying around-replica Dumbledore’s Army coins, jars of buttons, dead spiders-put them all here!




Next, add some art and other weird things. Think what makes you happy. If its photos of Johnny Depp eating popsicles, put a poster up. Like Jazz? Nail a dvd copy of the Bee Movie to your wall.

I’ve included a cross stitch done by a relative. A had from a christmas crack. And the homemade wrapping paper that Morgan used to wrap my birthday present.

You’re getting the theme here: random. Use your reading nook to gather all the things that make you happy into one place where you want to read, which, I assume, also makes you happy. It just makes sense.

I also included my favorite pinboard with all of my Broadway ticket stubs and a note from my perfect little sister.  Story time- Morgan and I have just written our first musical, TOGETHER! We are so excited about this project (it’s about Vikings and two kickass teenagers ruling the world). So come on over and follow us on instagram at @OceanbornMusical We are also on twitter at @OceanbornShow  (Go check it out!).


Theater has been such a big part of our friendship so of course I included it in my nook!

And there you have it. Make sure to get some comfortable seating, a stuffed animal, fairy lights, and proximity to a stack of books and you’ll have your new favorite spot!


Happy Book Nook Reading!

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