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The Neverending Story Review

Hey Guys!

So if y’all are like me, you read this book as a child, watched the movie, and then were permanently traumatized. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie, but it was DISTURBING. The book, however, is sweet and cute and low-key kinda emotional.

Blurb: The story begins with a lonely boy named Bastian and the strange book that draws him into the beautiful but doomed world of Fantastica. Only a human can save this enchanted place–by giving its ruler, the Childlike Empress, a new name. But the journey to her tower leads through lands of dragons, giants, monsters, and magic–and once Bastian begins his quest, he may never return. As he is drawn deeper into Fantastica, he must find the courage to face unspeakable foes and the mysteries of his own heart.

Readers, too, can travel to the wondrous, unforgettable world of Fantastica if they will just turn the page….

Rereading this was a total blast from the past and it made my heart more happy. Some childhood favorites do not age well at all, but I’m happy to say this is not one. If anything, this book was even more moving as an adult. I loved the storytelling style of this book, and the ending still gets me every time.

For anyone who loves midgrade, classics, or fantasy, this book is a total must-read.

Final rating- 4/5

Thanks for reading my review, and until next time, happy reading 🙂

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