Earth to Dad Review

Hey Guys! THIS BOOK IS SO CUTE. This is one of my new favorite midgrades. How unusual to find a book for kids with two adorable main characters in a global warming dystopia with complicated commentary on politics, family, and death.

I need to rant… This book is amazing. I zipped through this at light speed and reread the ending at least three times. It’s incredible.

Earth to Dad is about Jameson O’Malley, son of an astronaut, and his friendship with the motherless Astra Primm. They bond over building satellites and climbing beyond the walls of their enclosure city. Their relationship is filled with all the hesitance and misdemeanors of young friendships, but ultimately steels into something real and brotherly. I love Jameson’s timidness, how he is led by Astra to climb higher towers and think up harebrained schemes. I love when tropes in midgrade get a gender swap! It makes the story so fresh and novel.

Through their attempts to contact Jameson’s dad in space by building a giant radio to dogging a spacship before its flight into the heavens, their plots are so creative and endearing you cannot help but love them.

I wish I could give this book six stars. Curse the rating scheme! So, I am obliged to give Earth to Dad the most enthusiastic five stars I have given thus far in a year of blogging.

Happy Reading!

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