Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Hey Guys! As you know, Morgan and I have founded our very own book club. Here’s a little summary: last year we made a writing club where we would sit on my porch and respond to prompts while drinking la croix. We kept it up while Mo was at college as a way to keep our bro bond strong. We finished our first notebook of prompts this week.

This summer, we decided to up our game.

Now, not only are we doing writing prompts, we are reading books together. The first series we finished was the Raven Cycle. Check out Mo’s reviews of the first two books, The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves, first, if you are so inclined.

This series is doubly as good as Divergent. The writing is superbly beautiful and poetic in parts, and hilarious in irreverent in others. Blue Lily, Lily Blue is a work of incomparable art by Stiefvater. Her characters glow as their evolution from the first book begins to blossom. The jokes also solidify in this book.


Ronan is obnoxiously adorable. Adam is resilient and comically good natured. Blue is a volcano. Gansey is who I want to be in life. And Noah…Noah is the little brother I always wanted.

These characters will insinuate themselves into your heart faster than a Pixar animation of a sneezing puppy. Catch me back here in about a month when I reread this series front to back.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue is Morgan’s favorite in this series and I can understand why (although I always like the last book in a series best). This book is astoundingly poetic as Stiefvater’s style develops from the first book. The magic is so original and its villains so comically earnest you can’t help but love them too.

5/5 from Mhairi.

Happy Reading!

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