The Raven King

Hey Guys! Save the best things for last, I suppose, and that’s just what Stiefvater did. The fullness of the Raven Cycle finale is unmatched in modern YA. I laughed the whole time until the end where the last fifty pages had me holding my breath and grasping at the handle of my armchair.

The Ships! If you’re anything like me, finishing Harry Potter left you with a resignment that fandoms were over for you, your childhood was dead, etc. The Raven King hits the ship quota in the last book with some epic, crushworthy characters. I can have a bit of an upturned nose when it comes to YA, but this book is too addictive to put down (in either sense of the phrase).


Stiefvater knows how to supplement a fulfilling, substantively beautiful story with a hint of sugar. This book leaves you with a happy aftertaste, like you’ve just finished a cup of tea and a slice of peach pie.

The Raven King leads our five favorite protagonists to the denouement of their quest to find the burial of the ancient Welsh king, Glendower. Their quest will lead them with the help of a long dead poet-murdering princess, a few psychics, and an ambiguously faun-esque little girl.

This is a don’t miss read. I cannot recommend The Raven Cycle enough and I can’t wait to read it again.

Happy Reading!


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