The Mists of Avalon

Hey Guys! I may have mentioned I did my first 24 in 48! If you aren’t aware of this phenomenon, here’s the run down: read 24 hours in 48. In fact, Morgan and I did a video on our YouTube channel all about it!

Morgan was a bit of a veteran at the experience, but I’ll admit I had an awesome time. The book that accosted the majority of my time was Mists of Avalon. I love a good retelling of Arthurian legend and Mists of Avalon is the most original I’ve read.

Downsides: it’s a bit of a tome.

Upsides: Mists of Avalon follows the stories of the badass female priestesses and queens. Never has there been an Arthurian story that focuses on the lives of women as anything more than a means to obtain power or sexual gratification. The complex characters of Morgaine to the power-hungry Morgause and the ditsy Igraine paint the females of Camelot in all their shades of evil to virtuous to blind.

Marion Zimmer Bradley is a visionary in revisionist feminist literature. The keen eye she turns towards the narratives around women reinvents even the smallest sexisms of past authors to be something empowering and fresh.


Next time I do 24 in 48 I might break it up with some smaller sized books, but I have no regrets that I got to savor Mists of Avalon by reading it all at once. It is undoubtedly an excellent way to spend a spring weekend.

Happy Reading!

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