How to Be Both

Hey Guys! Morgan’s inimitable mother recommended this book to me at Christmastime. I proceeded to borrow the book and return it six months later when I finally got around to reading it. I wish I had read it sooner.


Now, I read a lot more books than I get the chance to review, which means, luckily, that I get to share the best. How to be Both is really the cream of the crop. The language is influenced by spoken word poetry, reminiscent of Rupi Kaur in form and T.S. Eliot in mastery.

How to be Both follows dual entwined stories, that of a cross-dressing female painter and a sensitive young woman. The parallels of existence beyond strictured paradigms of gender and sexuality appear in the Renaissance period of the first half and the modern world of the second. The similarities of these two women’s losses and triumphs, centuries apart, evoke a sense of temporal continuity. How to be Both reminds us that humans of any era have always been the same, only getting better each age.

This book is inspiring for its content and fulfilling for its brilliant style. It is rich and to be savored. I loved it. 5/5

Happy Reading!

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