The Magic Misfits 2

Hey Guys!

So I’m pretty sure you know Neil Patrick Harris. Right? Broadway legend, favorite teacher on Glee, iconic father, and-as I have just learned-author extraorinaire!

The Magic Misfits is a frighteningly engaging blend of motley crew shenanigans and do-it-yourself magic lessons. For any lower-midgrade reader, the twists and turns and clever connections of this book is an afternoon delight. I just ate this book up, magic tricks and all.


Funny story, Morgan brought me a whole stack of ARCs from Bookcon (the best-best-friend ever, I know) and I have been reading like a madwoman this week. Not to mention, NaNoWriMo is happening right now and our musical, Oceanborn, just premiered in New York last week. Check it out!

Unfortunately, she did not get to meet Neil Patrick Harris but one day guys, one day.

He really is an excellent writer, clear and precise for young writers but chock full with universally amusing jokes and cool plot twists. I recommedn this book for any budding magicians who want to follow the story of Leila, her two dads, a search for her birth mother from the key she was given as a baby.

4/5 Stars from Bibliobakes.

Happy Reading!

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