Monstrous Devices

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Welcome to review two in my reading binge catch up. Monstrous Devices was hit two on my ARC book stack and it surpassed expectations. Let’s just say I …. Damien Love this book. Cheesy jokes aside, Monstrous Devices is an unputdownable read.

downloadAlex’s grandfather sends him a Robot, an addition to a growing collection, but this one is special, Alex is told. When a horde of angry mechanics attack him in his bedroom, his grandfather appears, whisking him off to the toy stores and back alleys of Paris.

A girl with a balloon and a dark figure with a striking resemblance to Alex’s lost father follow them through the city to Prague, where the myth of the Golem haunts their every step.

In an at times frightening and hilarious debut, Love manages to capture all the essential intrigue of midgrade with a flair for comedy and friendship. He tackles bullying and loneliness with an ultimate respect for his plucky  protagonist and all his childish perseverence. This was a front-to-back sit with a cup of tea and snort-laugh every few pages read.

4/5 from a content Bibliobakeser

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