One Person, No Vote

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Welcome to the most interesting non-fiction book you’ll read in a while. Now, I, a fiction aficionado, rarely strey out of my genre except in calculated and specific expeditions. For Carol Anderson however, I might even pick up another of her books.


Like many of my generation, I am passionate about protecting the incredible gift of modern democracy and the justice people before me have given their lives to protect. It is a very powerful thing to grow up interconnected with the victims these problems through social media and journalism. One Person, No Vote is a macabre exploration of the entrenched prejudice against racial minorities and the poor in American elections. It is a revelation of history, and its failures, leeching from American dignity behind the facade of American superiority. Linking the disparate-and classist-voting structures to countries this very government employs as an obvious and incontrivertible enemy, is pervasive theme in a book that could be described as nothing less than an epiphany of political self awareness.

Anderson covers centuries of American inequality in a few hundred pages, fraught with violent detail and watertight stances on controversial issues. However, the greatest virtue of her writing is the tight hold she keeps on the interest of her reader. Attacking the weak spots of traditional election discourse, she wields a powerful tool against her readers: self-awareness.

I highly recommend this book to politics nerds and fictioners who need a non-fiction break alike. One Person, No Vote is written beautifully, painted with taut logic, and jam-packed with history. It’s a 5/5 stars from me.

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