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Y’all. Y’all. Y’allllllllll. This musical was INCREDIBLE! I can’t even believe that we saw it. Mhairi, Josh, and I (Morgan) went to see Be More Chill a few weeks ago and it was an AMAZING experience! I’ve always loved the soundtrack (who doesn’t?) but seeing it staged brought a whole new level. The book (written by Joe Tracz) was genius. Funny, smart, and truly heartfelt dialogue made this story so much more than a sci-fi comedy.

The cast of this show was one of the best that I’ve seen in a while. Will Roland was phenomenal as Jeremy Heere; the Jeremy of this production felt more developed and three dimensional, and the songs that were added really let Will showcase his incredible voice. George Salazar and Gerard Canonico brought a wonderful energy to the show; it never lagged for a single scene.

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I cannot wait for the new album to drop; the addition Loser, Geek, or Whatever which closes out the first act was a work of genius, filling the plot holes and gaps in character development that kept me from connecting with Jeremy initially. Voices in my Head was beautiful, a truly moving finale.

I’m definitely going to try to see this again (which is most likely going to be impossible, given how popular it is.) This musical really made me appreciate the power of fandom- it’s a strength I’ve seen with Oceanborn, but seeing how far it’s taken Be More Chill made me really proud to be a part of the Broadway fandom.

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