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FullSizeRender (13)Hi guys! I’m so glad that you’ve found your way over to my blog. My name is Morgan Smith and I’m a freshman at Bryn Mawr College. I’m a writer, and hopefully, someday, I might even get a book published. Until then I’m reading and writing as much as I can. I love all books, especially YA and midgrade fantasy/contemporary. If I’m not blogging then I’m probably writing or curled up with a mug of tea and a good book.
You can contact me here:
Email: morgan.smith25@gmail.com

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Mhairi Cameron 3

And I’m Mhairi, the other Bibliobakes writer and in-house cupcake expert. I am currently on a gap year before I take up my place for Law at Oxford University. I love philosophy, journals, songwriting, and cookies. Vegan baking is my specialty, with a penchant for anything fruity and pastry-y. Just ask about my legendary peach pie, my current claim to fame!

I love words, whether I am writing them, reading them, or yelling them at a protest. I read everything and constantly, but Victorian Lit remains my one true love. I write MG fantasy and finished my first novel in 2016. I am currently editing my second novel!  I write in many other forms, including spoken word, futuristic short fiction, and prompts for the Hidden Springs Writers Club.

Email: MhairiCameronBusiness@Gmail.com